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On-Demand GPS Tracking Solution

When it comes to On-Demand GPS Tracking Solution, no one knows it better than Close-Guard Technology.

On-Demand GPS Tracking Solution

Whether you want to track a human, animal, money-bag or just about anything. We have the right tool to do the job. As long as it moves, we can track it for you!

Our special-purpose GPS tracking devices are self-powered upto 6 months, giving you real-time information on the position of your belonging.

We also offer incognito (hidden) tracking devices that are hard to detect. We can camouflage the tracking device to make it even harder to find.

We offer you multiple tracking platforms for convenience, including SMS, Call, Web Portal and Mobile App.

Our On-Demand Tracking features include;

  • Free access to our tracking apps and platforms
  • 24/7 Real-time location report
  • Minute-to-minute detailed location log
  • Geo-fence feature
  • SOS feature
  • Track via SMS, Mobile app or Web Portal
  • Up-to 180 days battery life
  • GSM/GPS/GPRS support
  • 24/7 support
  • Our GPS Tracker Demo

    Take a look at how our GPS tracking device works with a real-life demonstration. You can also use the login details on any of our mobile app



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