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Smart Home Solutions

When it comes to Smart Home Solutions, no one knows it better than Close-Guard Technology.

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Imagine being able to control every single aspect of your home from one smart device!

From automation to monitoring, control and safety, our smart home solutions offer convenient and easy ways to manage your home, office, hotel, hospital and just about any type of building from any part of the world through our smart app.

With our smart home solutions, you can completely automate every aspect of your building, including access gates, perimeter fence, entrance doors, windows, lighting, electricals, utilities, safety and lots more.

Our smart home offerings include;

  • Automatic Gate Control with remote control
  • Smart perimeter fence and defense
  • Intruder detection and alert systems
  • Burglary detection and alert systems
  • Smart fire, smoke and CO2 alert systems
  • Smart motion activated surveillance systems
  • Automatic light control switches
  • Smart temperature and humidity monitoring systems
  • Automatic Door lock and access controls (Password/Biometric unlock)
  • Automatic door bells
  • Automatic climate control system
  • Smart remote control systems for appliance
  • Close-Guard has so much to offer in the areas of Security, Safety, Monitoring, Tracking & Control technology!
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