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How We Manage Your Data

Please read Close-Guard Technology's Privacy Policy carefully before using any of our services. Services and software of Close-Guard Technology are maintained and developed by Close-Guard Technology Ltd. (Later referred to as "Close-Guard Technology", "Close-Guard", "Close-Guard Technology Ltd." or we, us. Close-Guard Technology's services and applications can be referred to as our, ours, the software, the service, app, Close-Guard Tracker).

All references herein to "you" and "your" means you who creates an account on the Service, your employees, agents, family members and contractors, and any other entity on whose behalf you accept this Privacy Policy. If the Service is being used on behalf of an entity by an individual authorized to agree to such terms on behalf of such entity, then "You" refers to the entity. If You are accessing the Service on behalf of Your employer, you represent and warrant that You have the authority to agree to this Privacy Policy on its behalf.

By using our services, products, websites, or otherwise interacting with us, you give your consent to this privacy policy. If you do not agree with the terms of this policy, please do not engage in any of these activities.

The Close-Guard Technology and its subdomains are maintained by Close-Guard Technology Ltd, a company registered in Nigeria, under CAC. Our data collection and use policies with respect to the site are set forth in this statement. By using these sites, you signify your acceptance of this policy and your consent to the data processing defined herein.


Close-Guard Technology will neither sell nor share your personal details and information to / with third parties for marketing purposes without your consent. To the exception of law enforcement requests, Close-Guard Technology Ltd. will not reveal your personal, tracking or any other information to third parties without your prior consent. You agree that all data provided by you on the website / automatically collected by us / uploaded by applications / from any other source to be used by Close-Guard Technology Ltd. for internal purposes without any restrictions.

You understand that Close-Guard Technology takes no responsibility for your personal data (eg. route, location, status, etc.) shared by yourself privately or publicly. By using these functions you automatically accept that all data shared can be accessed publicly. Close-Guard Technology also takes no responsibility for any financial, ethical or other types of damage arising from sharing your personal information and data.

All applications developed by Close-Guard Technology collect and send data about your phone (accurate position, direction of travel, phone number, battery state, make and model, IMEI number, etc.) to Close-Guard's servers. By installing our applications you agree to the collection, storage, display and other means of internal usage of your personal information.

Our solutions are not designed to be used to track people uninformed about being tracked. You have to inform all users (regular, casual or one time user) about the application being installed onto their equipment and its ability to track the user.

Tracking employees outside of their regular working schedule is NOT allowed. Compliance with this rule and and guaranteeing the ability to turn off GPS trackers and mobile applications outside of your employees' working schedule is entirely your role and responsibility.

You agree that we have the right to display your company's name, logo and other public information on our website. If you would not like to permit to display this information in any public part of our website, please write an email to us and we will accept your request with no questions.


The terms of this privacy policy does not apply to Close-Guard Technology's business partners or other third party companies that are not owned or operated by Close-Guard Technology Some of Close-Guard Technology's services are based on third party solutions. For information about how these third parties treat your personal information you shared with them by using Close-Guard Technology's solutions, please refer to their privacy policies.

Your personal information is collected and stored in our databases every time you contact or transmit data to us or register / subscribe to our services. Your personal information is used for various purposes, including but not limited to billing and providing features inside certain Close-Guard Technology solutions. Close-Guard Technology reserves the right to store your personal information for future transactions.

Close-Guard Technology uses your e-mail address to contact you about about account issues, eg. warning about expiration, responses to inquiries submitted by you, etc.

Our services require authentication. Your e-mail address and password are used as your account credentials, that are stored in our database. These credentials may be requested for logging you in to your account on Close-Guard, our partner websites and in our mobile application.

Participation in Close-Guard Technology promotions (like contests or marketing promotions) typically requires you to input additional pieces of personal information, like your mailing address or phone number. Your information is stored in our database and is used for communication between you and Close-Guard Technology about promotions. Your e-mail address may be used for other promotional purposes about Close-Guard Technology's products, unless you choose to opt out of these promotional messages. Our partners handle your information according to their privacy policies.

Please note, that all information you share on public forums such as social networking sites, blogs, or other websites not ran by Close-Guard Technology, like online bulletin boards or chat rooms may be read, collected or used by any third party, including other users of those online forums. Close-Guard Technology has no influence over that data and can not prevent the distribution and usage of such information by other parties.

We receive pieces of information automatically that can be linked to your personal information and associated with you. These are sent to us when you load our website or use our products and services.

We record information about your location and cell phone each time you access the CorvusGPS service or the partner branded versions of the service. Close-Guard Technology maintains a database of such data and may keep them indefinitely for service enhancement purposes. We may also receive data from your GPS devices associated with your account and wireless devices periodically for the purpose of improving our services. Some of our solutions include the option to send your location and other data to a third party, transmitted over the internet or SMS text messages. We keep track of these location exchanges, and may store this sort of data indefinitely. In case of some of our applications we may keep these pieces of information until you choose to change them or to delete your account. Upon the termination of our services all of your private data will be wiped. All information regarding you in connection with a particular event will remain available within the applicable service but only in connection with the actual event itself. Other types of submitted data will be removed from the applicable service, and will not stay available to the other members of the service. Your private data will be removed from your profile after deletion and stored location data will be made anonymous for further usage. Your private details may be stored for a limited amount of time.

Close-Guard may use cookies or similar pieces of technology to identify your computer or mobile device for the purpose of recording your personal preferences about using our services and other types of data collection. We employ these technologies for usage evaluation of our websites, devices and applications and to improve our services, make recommendations and for the completion of transactions requested by you. Our cookies can be stored on your mobile devices locally, or on remote servers operated by Close-Guard Technology's affiliates. Close-Guard also uses tracking pixels, agents and other visitor identification technologies to collect anonymous information about the usage of our services. When visiting Close-Guard Technology's websites (eg. Close-Guard) your IP address, user agent strings and the list of visited CorvusGPS pages are logged. These log files are automatically created and stored by our servers. Cookies and web beacons can be combined and linked. All of such information will be treated as personal information under the terms of this privacy policy. We may contract third party companies to place advertisements about us and our products on non-Close-Guard websites. These third party organizations may or may not use cookies or other web-based tracking and identification technologies. The usage of these by third party organizations are governed by their respectable privacy policies. It is possible to limit our usage of cookies by disabling them in your browser's preferences. Please note, that in this case you may be unable to access some features on our websites.

Close-Guard Technology records data about your hardware, software (eg. OS version), IP address, make and model of your mobile device and mobile telecommunications provider when browsing Close-Guard Technology's websites or using applications developed by Close-Guard Technology. Close-Guard Technology can retain any data you provide to us in e-mail inquiries for tracking question types received by us.

AdWords Remarketing is a Remarketing and Behavioral Targeting service provided by Google. It connects the activity of Close-Guard with the Adwords advertising network and the Doubleclick Cookie.
Our websites use Google's AdWords remarketing service to provide advertisements for third party websites (including Google). We advertise for previous visitors on our website who haven't completed any tasks on it previously. These adverts include the ones appearing on Google's search results page and websites in the Google Display network. Google and other third party vendors may use cookies and other types of tracking or identification technology to display advertisements based on your visit to Close-Guard Technology's websites.Any data collected will be used in accordance with our own privacy policy and Google's privacy policy.

You may opt out of Google's use of cookies by visiting the Google's Ads Settings

Google has additional information available about their Remarketing Privacy Guidelines, Policies, and Restrictions.

Close-Guard Technology may obtain data about you besides the pieces of information you provided to us. This data can be used to combine with your existing personal information in our database. The data in nature can be demographic or marketing data, updated address information, etc. and it is used to improve our products and services. We do not license, rent, sell or otherwise distribute or share your personal or other information to anybody but Close-Guard Technology's affiliates except as explained in this policy. Close-Guard Technology may ask your permission to disclose your personal data to third parties. Your consent can be explicit or implicit, for example the disclosure of your personal information to those third party entities who perform services on Close-Guard Technology's behalf.

It's the administrator account holder's responsibility to inform all of his/her affiliates about the tracking application being or having been installed on their mobile devices or equipment and its ability to track the user. The administrator account holder has no right to access user statistics, tracks or other records if the user is an employee or a formal representative of the administrator account holder that are sent outside of the employee's or representative's normal working schedule. Close-Guard Technology's applications are not designed and disallowed to be used for unauthorized people tracking. Attempts for unauthorized tracking will result in the cancellation of the administrator account and the termination of the services assigned to the account. Close-Guard Technology's services may be terminated permanently, and the holder (or representatives of him/her or his company) has no right to enforce the reactivation of the cancelled account.In case of misuse(s) Close-Guard Technology has the right to provide collected information regarding illegal activities to law enforcement or legal representatives to impose legal sanctions to everyone responsible for criminal activities.

Close-Guard Technology's tracking solution is not designer or intended to track people uninformed of being tracked (eg. spying ,espionage, PD activities, suspect tracking). In case of unauthorized usage Close-Guard Technology will terminate all of it's services linked to the administrator account suspected with such activities and will provide no collected data. Close-Guard Technology can even (permanently) terminate it's services for it's users who are suspected with tracking people uninformed of being tracked. Close-Guard Technology may disclose personal data of account users (in special regard to lost or forgotten passwords and other user credentials) to the administrator account holder, who is responsible for dealing with these pieces of personal information under local laws and legislation.

We may comply with police departments, court orders or other legal processes for any of the information about you in our possession, and we may use such information to establish or exercise yours, ours, or others' legal rights, or to defend against legal claims.

Information collected about you in Close-Guard's possession may be transferred or shared between Close-Guard Technology's affiliates. You agree to give your consent for us to transfer your data, including transborder transmission of your personal data and information governed by this policy. The physical location of your data determines the access of local courts', government or law enforcement agencies'. By affiliated companies we also mean third parties who provide us with cloud or hosting services.

Close-Guard Technology employs several security measures to safeguard the confidentiality of your private information. Even though Close-Guard Technology uses these measures please understand that none of these are unbreakable, absolute or wholly guaranteed. In case of a (suspected) security breach or unauthorized access to your account by a third party Close-Guard Technology will exercise reasonable efforts to notify you about the details of the breach. We will keep your data as long as there is a business need for it or otherwise required by law. At the disposal of your personal information Close-Guard Technology uses financially reasonable methods to render it unreadable.

Without consent of their parent or legal guardian, Close-Guard Technology will not knowingly collect or request personal data from anyone under 18 years of age. If you are a parent or a legal guardian and you provide access to or otherwise authorize your child to use or provide them with a device that has Close-Guard Technology's software installed, all collected data associated with your child will be treated as your own under this policy. We encourage you to get involved in your children's online activities to ensure that we collect no data from them without your approval.

Our websites contain links and URLs to other websites administered by us, or by other third parties on behalf of Close-Guard Technology and to websites completely unrelated to Close-Guard. This policy does not apply to linked websites and each of them should be consulted for their own privacy policies.

By using Close-Guard Technology's products, software and other solutions you agree to accept the privacy policies of all third party software integrated in Close-Guard Technology's solutions.

Close-Guard Technology reserves the right to update its privacy policy, therefore you're encouraged to review this privacy policy for information about recent changes. If Close-Guard Technology merges with or gets acquired by another company, a complete change of this policy becomes very likely, so be sure to review our policy at the event of a merger or an acquisition.

We may enter into product or service agreements with our customers. These agreements may contain specific provisions related to confidentiality, security and other types of information handling. In the case of a conflict with provisions included in those special terms and agreements (both Nigeria and international), the terms and agreements govern to the extent of inconsistent content, in all other, unaffected instances this privacy policy applies.


Our Web site may contain links to Web sites operated and maintained by third parties, over which we have no control. We attempt to link to sites who share our business ethics. Privacy policies on such linked sites may be different from our privacy policy. You access such linked sites at your own risk. You should always read the privacy policy of a linked site before disclosing any personal information on such site.


You may request information about personal data processed by Us pertaining You, and furthermore, with the exception of the workspace name chosen, You may modify or delete Your data at any time by means of the administration page accessible on the website.

Based on Your request, We will inform You about the data processed by Us related to You, the purpose, legal basis and period of data processing, furthermore, to whom and for what purpose We provide or have provided You data to third parties, if any. We will comply with such request for information in writing, within no more than 30 days from the submission of the request.

You may exercise Your rights through Our following contact:

You may at any time require the deletion or alteration of Your data recorded incorrectly. Certain data can be altered or deleted by You Yourself via the Website; in other cases, We shall delete data within no more than 3 working days from the receipt of the request, and in such a case, no restoration of the data will be possible. Deletion does not include data processing prescribed by law, which are preserved by Us for the prescribed period.


Due to the global character of the Internet, You undertake to proceed in compliance with the provisions of all applicable national measures in the course of using the website. If any activity related to using the Service is not permitted according to the laws of Your country, You shall exclusively bear responsibility for such usage.

You acknowledge that even if this Privacy Statement has been translated to other languages, this was done for the convenience of users only, and even in such case the English language version shall prevail. In case of any inconsistency between the English language Privacy Statement and any other language version, the English version shall prevail.

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