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White-Label GPS Tracking Solution

When it comes to White-Label GPS Tracking Solution, no one knows it better than Close-Guard Technology.

White-Label GPS Tracking Solution

We offer white-label tracking solution that allows you to build your own tracking services or platform using our APIs at no extra cost.

With our white-label tracking solution, you will be able to access, monitor and control any device listed under your account from your own application without the need for a specialized expensive tracking infrastructure. You simply make a secured request to our RESTFul API to get any information you need.

Our White-Label tracking solution can be used by Fleet management companies, insurance comnpanies, government agencies, large organizations and any business with large number or fleet, seeking personalized tracking solution.

Our White-Label Tracking features include;

  • Access to all features on our device
  • Use our technology under your own brand
  • Secured and Dedicated access to our tracking server
  • Customized GPS tracking apps and platforms
  • Customized Command-centre infrastructure setup
  • 24/7 support
  • Our GPS Tracker Demo

    Take a look at how our GPS tracking device works with a real-life demonstration. You can also use the login details on any of our mobile app



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