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When you join the Close-Guard Technology Partner Program, you are joining a partner ecosystem that together is making smart security & safety technology transformation real to users across the country - every single day.

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Wealth of Benefits

For our partners

We will empower, promote and support at all cost... its a family thing

Zero start-up cost, Zero security deposits. Simply buy at special price, sell at your own rate and keep all the profit

Use our resources, technology, infrastructure and tools to sell under your own brand and terms

Free access to comprehensive training program to develop your sales, technical, and marketing skills

How does it work?

Our partnership program is designed to empower SMEs as well as individuals looking to play a part or profit from the security & safety technology market.

As a Close-Guard Technology partner, you have access to our tools, technology, platforms, expertise and a whole lot of other useful resources in place to help you penetrate the market.

We also offer you special discounts on all of our products and services. This mean you get to but at a much lower price from us and sell at your own price to your clients.

You also get paid same agent commision when you refer buyers to our online store using your Online Store Referral Link.

In summary... as a Close-Guard partner, you get trained, certified, buy at lower price from us and sell at your own price to your clients while we support them.

What Partner Options Do you have?

Whether you are a big business owner, have a small start-up or just an individual seeking passive income, we have a suitable program for you!

Dealers & Agents
Our dealer or agent partnership program is designed for individuals or small businesses who want to be part of our business.
With this partnership level, you use our technology, brand and marketting tools to get and manage your clients. We will sell our products to you at a discounted price while you sell to your clients at your own price and keep the commission.
As an agent, we will give you training on our products, solutions and target market as well as support you all along.

Our Distributor or distribution partnership program is designed for registered business owners. As a Distributor, you can acquire and keep large stock of our products at your own warehouse.
As a distributor, you are seen as a representative of Close-Guard Technology in your assigned demography. This simply means that in addition to serving your own client, you will also serve our own clients who a closest to your location.
You purchase your choice of products from us in large quantities (from as little as 100 units depending on your capability) at a special discounted price and sell at your own terms as well as provide only First-level support to your clients.

White-Label Partners
Our white-label partnership program is designed for big brands who wants to use our technology under their own brand.
As a white-label partner, you pre-order desired quantities of our products, customized from our factory with your own label and sell to your clients with no visible link to Close-Guard Technology.
You will also be required to provide full support to your clients. Please contact us if you need more information on this partnership level.

How do you apply to join the Close-Guard Technology Partner Program?

Step 1 First, choose the appropriate Partnership Program based on your needs and capabilities.

Step 2 Next, you fill out our partner application online, which will be reviewed by out teams. Depending on the nature of your application, some verifications and background checks may also be required.

Step 3 Once your application is fully processed, you will receive login credentials and granted access to the Close-Guard Technology Partner Portal.

Become a Partner

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