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We watch where no eyes can

We safeguard when no man can

We are Close-Guard Technology

Your family, Your vehicle, Your bag...

No matter what it is

If it moves, We can track it!

If it drives, We can control it!

All-in-One GPS Car Tracking App

Real-time Tracking

Fuel-Consumption Monitor


Anti-Theft & Defence

Minute-to-Minute Location Log

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Let's build you a Smart Home

Smart Security Systems

Smart CCTV Systems

Smart Perimeter Fence

Automatic Door Locks

Smart Intruder Detectors

Smart Safety Systems

Your belongings are your #1 priority, safeguarding them is ours!
Welcome to the exciting world of Close-Guard Technology.

Smart Home Design

From automation to monitoring, control and safety, our smart home solutions offer convenient and easy ways to manage your home, office, hotel, hospital and just about any type of building from any part of the world through our smart app.
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Smart Surveillance Systems

With our smart surveillance systems with iOT technology, you are able to monitor precisely what matters, where it mattered and when it mattered, making sure that no penny is wasted on unnecessary recordings
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Smart Security Systems

Our smart security systems offers a completely man-less security solution for residential and commercial buildings. With our smart security systems, you are able to monitor, restrict as well as control access to your property from any part of the world..
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GPS Car Tracking

From real-time location to tracking, monitoring, anti-theft and remote control, our innovative yet affordable vehicle tracking solution offers set of tools to enable you take total control of all your vehicles
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On-Demand GPS Tracking

Whether you want to track a human, animal, money-bag or just about anything. We have the right tool to do the job. Our special-purpose tracking devices are self-powered up to 72 hours, giving you real-time information on the position of your belonging.
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White-Label Tracking Platform

With our white-label tracking solution, you will be able to access, monitor and control any device listed under your account from your own application without the need for a specialized expensive tracking infrastructure
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When you join the Close-Guard Technology Partner Program, you are joining a partner ecosystem that together is making smart security & safety technology transformation real to users across the country - every single day.

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Our Featured Products
PR Motion Detector For SS101 & SS101M
Name: PR Motion Detector For SS101 & SS101M
Uses: Smart Home, Security, Access Control, Home Automation,
Smart-Home Intruder Alarm System
Name: Smart-Home Intruder Alarm System
Uses: Smart Home, Security, Access Control, Home Automation,
4 Channels RF Remote Control Device
Name: 4 Channels RF Remote Control Device
SKU: AA001
Uses: Smart Home, Access Control, Home Automation,
Incognito Real-Time Car Tracking
Name: Incognito Real-Time Car Tracking
Uses: GPS Tracking, Security, Monitoring, Fleet Management,
8-Channel Wired CCTV Kit
Name: 8-Channel Wired CCTV Kit
Uses: Security, Monitoring, Surveillance,
Smart WiFi Biometric Door Lock
Name: Smart WiFi Biometric Door Lock
SKU: SH202
Uses: Smart Home, Security, Safety, Access Control, Home Automation,
Door/Window Sensor For SS101 & SS101M
Name: Door/Window Sensor For SS101 & SS101M
SKU: SS104
Uses: Smart Home, Security, Access Control, Home Automation,
1 Channel GSM (SMS) Remote Control
Name: 1 Channel GSM (SMS) Remote Control
SKU: AA002
Uses: Smart Home, Access Control, Home Automation,

Who We Are?

Close-Guard Technology is a Nigeria-based information technology outfit with focus on providing innovative technology solutions in areas of monitoring, safety, security, surveillance and access-control.

Our core solutions includes Home Automation, GPS Tracking, Smart Security and Access Control technology

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Close-Guard has so much to offer in the areas of Security, Safety, Monitoring, Tracking & Control technology!
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