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Programmable Timer Switch (15A)

  • Programmable Timer Switch (15A)

Name: Programmable Timer Switch (15A)

Brand: Close-Guard

Code: SH106A

Applications: Smart Home, Home Automation,


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Product Overview

Save both power consumption cost and control time with this simple yet functional mechanical timer switch.

Our timer switch is a kind of time-controller, mainly applied in controlling variety of electrical equipment automatically based on the time of the day

This product can be widely used in controlling system, such as house-hold electronics, Water dispenser, Fridge, water heater, mechanical equipment,advertisements lamp box, breeding, irrigation,Lighting, water heater,agriculture facilities, broadcasting equipment, home appliance

Technical Details : ===================
* Type: TB118N
* Rated Voltage: 100~240VAC
* Allowable Operating Voltage: 85~260VAC
* Frequency: 50~60Hz
* Driving Method: Quartz Motor
* Power Failure back-up time: 150h(at 20℃)
* Time Precision: ±5s/month(at 25℃)
* Cycle: 24h
* Power Consumption: 2W

* Circuit Quantity: 1 circuit
* Circuit Configuration: Same Circuit(voltage-applied contact output)
* Contact Configuration: Single Pole, Single-through
* Manual ON/OFF: With ON/OFF Switch

* Resistance: 250VAC 15A
* Incandescent Lamp: 250VAC 15A
* Induction(cosφ=0.6): 250VAC 12A
* Motor(cosφ=0.6): 220VAC 1500W

* Minimum Setting Unit: 15 min Unit
* Minimum Setting Interval: 30 min Interval
* Number of Operations: 6 for standard,Max.48
* Ambient Operating Temperature: -10℃~50℃
* Ambient Operating Humidity: 85%RH,or less(no condensing)
* Pollution Degree: 2
* Over-voltage Category: III
* Classification: 1BSTU


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