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Wall Clock With Hidden Wifi Camera

  • Wall Clock With Hidden Wifi Camera

Name: Wall Clock With Hidden Wifi Camera

Brand: Close-Guard

Code: CC108

Applications: Smart Home, Security, Monitoring, Spy, Surveillance, Home Automation,


More Details

See whats happening in your home, shop or office with our Wifi Night Vision HD Hidden Camera. Wall Clock.

This product doubles as a standard Wall Clock as well as a Wall Clock, making it the perfect product when it comes to hidden surveillance

The clock works just like every other regular wall clock with a 1.5v AA size battery., which makes it very difficult to ever suspect it being a camera.

The 3500mAh backup battery ensures upto 8 hours of recording, even when the main power is out.

Features : ==========================
* Resolution: 1080p/2.0MP/200W
* Packing size: 36*36*6cm
* Mobile monitoring: IOS, Android(with MU CAM app)
* Working temperature: -5 to 60°C (23 - 140°F)
* Battery: 3500mAh
* SD Card: Max support 64g
* Size: 325*325*46mm


Close-Guard has so much to offer in the areas of Security, Safety, Monitoring, Tracking & Control technology!
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