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Wall Clock With Hidden Wifi Camera

  • Wall Clock With Hidden Wifi Camera

Name: Wall Clock With Hidden Wifi Camera

Brand: Close-Guard

Code: CC108

Applications: Smart Home, Security, Monitoring, Spy, Surveillance, Home Automation,


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Product Overview

See whats happening in your home, shop or office with our Wifi Night Vision HD Hidden Camera. Wall Clock.

This product doubles as a standard Wall Clock as well as a Wall Clock, making it the perfect product when it comes to hidden surveillance

The clock works just like every other regular wall clock with a 1.5v AA size battery., which makes it very difficult to ever suspect it being a camera.

The 3500mAh backup battery ensures upto 8 hours of recording, even when the main power is out.

Features : ==========================
* Resolution: 1080p/2.0MP/200W
* Packing size: 36*36*6cm
* Mobile monitoring: IOS, Android(with MU CAM app)
* Working temperature: -5 to 60°C (23 - 140°F)
* Battery: 3500mAh
* SD Card: Max support 64g
* Size: 325*325*46mm

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