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Short-Term Multi-purpose GPS Tracker

  • Short-Term Multi-purpose GPS Tracker

Name: Short-Term Multi-purpose GPS Tracker

Brand: Close-Guard

Code: GT102

Applications: GPS Tracking, Monitoring, Fleet Management,


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Product Overview

This small but mighty Multi-purpose GPS Tracking device is designed to serve juts about any short-term GPS tracking need; from Car Tracking to Tracking a Person, Pet, Bag, Fleet, Goods, Electronics and just about anything that moves...

With its very compact design, measuring only 38 X 38 X 12mm and upto 3 days backup battery life depending on usage, this device can fit into any hidden corner, place or even worn as part of your dressing.

With the voice monitoring feature, one can call the device and listen to whats happening around it, making it a perfect choice for security and monitoring purposes.

Main Features ===================
- GSM/GPS/GPRS enabled
- Inbuilt 500mAh Backup Battery
- 12-57 hours+ battery life
- Real-time tracking
- Voice monitoring feature
- Geo-fencing capability
- Over-Speed alert feature
- Vibration alert feature
- Free tracking app and platforms
- Support for tracking via SMS
- Free SIM card
- Free 365 days subscription


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