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PR Motion Detector For SS101 & SS101M

  • PR Motion Detector For SS101 & SS101M

Name: PR Motion Detector For SS101 & SS101M

Brand: Close-Guard

Code: SS105B

Applications: Smart Home, Security, Access Control, Home Automation,


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Product Overview

This device works with our Home alarm and Home Security system to detect intrusion around your home or other guarded places.

The detector works with our GSM Home Alarm System (SS101) and Smart Home Intruder Alarm system (SS101M)

Simply mount on a wall facing the area you want to defend and the device will detect movement up to 110 degrees.

When movement is detected, the device will send a signal to the connected Home Security system, which will then sound an audible alarm or notify you via SMS or call

Please note that this is not a stand-alone device but can only be used as an accessory with compatible Home Security / Home Alarm systems

Technical Specifications
- Power Supply 9V(250mAH)
- Static current ≤40uA
- Alarm current ≤15mA
- The detecting scope ≤8M /110°
- Alarm indication Red LED
- Wireless frequency 315MHz/433MHz(±75KHz)
- Transmit distance ≤80m(in the open space)
- Working temperature -10℃〜+50℃
- Humidity ≤85%


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