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Digital 24/7 Programmable Socket

  • Digital 24/7 Programmable Socket

Name: Digital 24/7 Programmable Socket

Brand: Close-Guard

Code: SH106T

Applications: Smart Home, Home Automation,


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Product Overview

Save both power consumption cost and control time with this simple yet functional digital programmable timer switch.

This device plugs into standard U type power outlet. Simply plug the socket into your power outlet then connect your appliances to the device and the device will control power supply to the connected appliances automatically based on your settings.

You can set the socket to automatically turn on or off at specific time of the day as well as days of the week.

This product can be widely used in controlling system, such as house-hold electronics, Water dispenser, Fridge, water heater, mechanical equipment,advertisements lamp box, breeding, irrigation,Lighting, water heater,agriculture facilities, broadcasting equipment, home appliance

Technical Details : ===================
* Rated Voltage: 100~240VAC
* Allowable Operating Voltage: 85~260VAC
* Frequency: 50~60Hz
* Power Consumption: 1W

* Circuit Quantity: 1 circuit
* Circuit Configuration: Same Circuit(voltage-applied contact output)
* Contact Configuration: Single Pole, Single-through

* Resistance: 250VAC 13A
* Incandescent Lamp: 250VAC 13A
* Induction(cosφ=0.6): 250VAC 13A
* Motor(cosφ=0.6): 220VAC 1000W

* Ambient Operating Temperature: -10℃~50℃
* Ambient Operating Humidity: 85%RH,or less(no condensing)
* Over-voltage Category: III
* Classification: 1BSTU


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