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Personal GPS Tracker

  • Personal GPS Tracker

Name: Personal GPS Tracker

Brand: Close-Guard

Code: GT103

Applications: GPS Tracking, Security,


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Product Overview

This small portable GPS tracker G20M, equipped with GPS satellite global positioning, is designed to protect people, asset, vehicles, pets and almost everything. It can be used in all walks of life. A tiny magical gadget, a true combination of technology and Security. SignificantFeatures: 2G Versions Available, SOS Emergency Call/Alarm, Fall Detection Alarm, Waterproof IP66, Over-speed Alarm, Movement Alarm, Motion Alarm, Compatible with IOS and Android System, Realtime Tracking on Google Maps, and far more features!

With its very compact design, measuring only 38 X 38 X 12mm and up to 30 days backup battery life, this device can fit into any hidden corner, place or even worn as part of your dressing.

With the voice monitoring feature, one can call the device and listen to whats happening around it, making it a perfect choice for security and monitoring purposes.

Main Features ===================
- GSM/GPS/GPRS enabled
- Inbuilt 800mAh Backup Battery
- 18-57 days battery life
- SOS / Emergency feature
- Suitable for Kids, Adults, Elders, Patient
- Real-time tracking
- Voice monitoring feature
- Geo-fencing capability
- Free tracking app and platforms
- Support for tracking via SMS, WhatsApp & API
- Free SIM card
- Free 12 month subscription


Close-Guard has so much to offer in the areas of Security, Safety, Monitoring, Tracking & Control technology!
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