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OBD GPS Car Tracker

  • OBD GPS Car Tracker

Name: OBD GPS Car Tracker

Brand: Close-Guard

Code: GT105B

Applications: GPS Tracking, Security, Fleet Management,


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Product Overview

This GPS tracker is a plug-n-play tracker, designed to plug into the OBD port of any car... no wiring or connection required.

This product is a perfect option when you want a plug-n-play tracker that can be installed without any technical knowledge or even help from any technician.

The deice does not affect operation of your vehicle in any way as it only uses uses the 12v supply from the OBD port.

The compact design makes it hard to notice when plugged-in.

Main Features ===================
- GSM/GPS/GPRS enabled
- <5m GPS Accuracy
- Completely Plug-n-Play
- Real-time tracking
- Car Battery cut-off alert feature
- Ignition alert feature
- Geo-fencing capability
- Over Speed alert feature
- Fuel Consumption monitoring feature
- Free tracking app and platforms
- Support tracking via SMS, WhatsApp, API or Mobile App


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