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GSM Intruder & Burglary Alarm

  • GSM Intruder & Burglary Alarm

Name: GSM Intruder & Burglary Alarm

Brand: Close-Guard

Code: SS101

Applications: Smart Home, Security, Access Control, Home Automation,


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Product Overview

This device offers complete all-in-one home security, intruder detection and burglary defense solution for homes or office building.

The system includes a highly sensitive Motion detectors to sense movement in restricted areas, Magnetic contact sensors for doors and windows, 120db siren for very audible alarm and inbuilt GSM phone system for SOS and Remote monitoring.

When enabled, the system will sound an alarm. for 10s - 60s when an intrusion is detected and also call or message any configured number or numbers.

Authorized users will be able to stop the alarm using the remote control, password or via SMS.

This means you are able to be in control, even when you are far from your home.

Main Features
- 850/900/1800/1900Mhz GSM Frequency for global use.
- Support 2 wired defense zones, 99 wireless zones, and 8 remote controllers.
- Can set 6 groups of alarming phone numbers,It will call the preset phone numbers automatically to notify the alarm information
- Can set 3 groups of SMS phone numbers.
- Built-in clock and clear LCD screen
- Voice Prompt for all the operations.
- Wireless learning coding. Fast and easy to add the new accessories.
- 3 groups of timing arm and disarm
- Remotely monitor and control the system
- Very loud alarm
- Mult-zone intelligent defense system
- Door, window and hall-way defense
- Call/SMS feature on alarm trigger
- Motion detectors included
- SOS feature
- Free SIM card

Technical Data
* Power input: DC 5V (micro USB standard)
* Wired Siren volume: 120DB
* Standby current: <65uA
* Alarm current: <300mA
* Wireless frequency: 433Mhz
* Wireless coding: EV 1527


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